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Graphic designers can now sell their pre designed graphics on PixelPro so they get their products into the hands of content creators in the gaming community. Designers can also upload graphics for content creators to download for free.

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Free Shop

Opening a shop on PixelPro is completely free. We want to work with graphic designers and connect them with content creators looking for resources.

Custom Shop Banner

Create a banner for your shop and add links to your profile or social media. Add a custom order form to your header to accept custom orders from your customers.

Access To

  • PixelPro Analytics

  • PixelPro Mailing List

  • PixelPro Platform Marketing

  • Customer Discount Codes

Open A PixelPro Shop!

This service is still in the works. We are only opening shops for a very limited amount of designers.

We want to help you sell so here is how it works.

  • Send us your pre-designed graphics like overlays and how much you want to sell them for. We will add them to your store and when you get a sale we will send you 100% of your sale on PayPal. (Keep in mind PayPal may take a cut of what we send you.)

  • We will build a shop for you. (

  • We will not take a cut out of what you sell.

  • We will send money through PayPal. (PayPal may have fees that may cut into what we send to you)

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By clicking on "agree" you understand that this is a new program from You or can opt out at any time. You understand that PixelPro will send you a report at the end of each month with performance information on how many units you have sold. You understand that this process can change at any time.
This is an application. We will open your shop if you are approved.