Animated Overlay

Next level production.


Why Upgrade To An Animated Overlay?

Animated Overlays are perfect for content creators looking to visually upgrade their content. An animated overlay is sure to catch the attention of your viewers and make your content one of a kind. Animated Overlay is also a great way to stand out from the rest in the streaming game.



Works With OBS Studio

It works similar to a .png file, except it's a video file. The animation time is 10 seconds long and will have to be looped when setting it up in your streaming software. If you are planing to use an animated overlay in a live stream, OBS Studio will allow you to add a media source (a video) and loop it.


OBS Studio Setup

  1. Add a media source under sources.

  2. Give it a name.

  3. Find your Animated Overlay file by clicking "Browse"

  4. Check "Loop" on.

  5. Click "Ok" then your Animated Overlay has been added. Please note most Animated Overlays are 1920x1080p. If your base canvas is 1280x720p you will have to fit the Animated Overlay to your resolution.

animated overlay ad 3.png